How to Order Food From an Italian Menu

Some of the well-established hotels across the world have an Italian menu. You might want to order food, and you get a list that is not translated into English. Having a glossary will help you to understand some of the things you get on an Italian menu. You cannot have enough space to include all foods, but you can learn about some of the foods in Italian cuisine.

After the main course is served, you will get the salad as part of the order. In case you usually use pasta, don’t get surprised to see the little pasta you’re served within Italian restaurants.


When it comes to appetizers, you will have a variety on your menu to choose your favourite antipasti. Here are some Italian words you may find in a list, and it is essential to know them. At first, you should understand the bufala. This is mozzarella that is usually made with buffalo’s milk. The other appetizer commonly used by Italians is burrata. It is mozzarella that tastes delicious, and people serve it with anchovies that have cream. Fiori di Zucca might sound challenging to you but means pumpkin flowers. They are prepared with batter and deep-fried to make quality antipasti.


Pasta dishes are referred to as primi in Italian, and people should enjoy them without removing the ingredients such as mushroom, cream, garlic, and pepper. You need to know some primis such as:

  • Carbonara
  • Amatriciana
  • Cacio e Pepe
  • Pasta alla gricia


If you want to have a roman pizza, you can buy the most delicious pizza. Some are prepared with the thin cast and have a light topping. It might be served with Bianca and Rossa, but some have the tomato sauce covering it on top. It is possible to know how to read Italian menus and order the right food in an Italian restaurant.